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Other Services

Auto Title Loans:

Are you in a fix? Do you need money now? We will give you money based on the condition and quality of your car, in exchange for the "pink slip". The best part is, you get to drive off with the money AND your car! Come in and talk to our teller for more information! 

Public Notary:

There will always come a time in your life when you need a notary service. Whether it's closing a real estate deal, birth records, or residential and commercial documents, we can help! We offer fast and easy notary services. Come in and schedule an appointment! We charge $10.00 per signature notarized. 

Bill Payments:

We have over 100 companies that we accept bill payments for! Don't get stuck with late fees - instead, quickly pay off your bills through our easy and safe payment services. 

Phone Cards:

Do you want to call your family and friends, but not have to worry about paying a monthly phone bill? We offer phone cards to help you! Simply purchase a phone card from our convenience store and use a phone to call your family and friends and talk, talk, talk! 

No Fee Money Orders:

We offer 2 no fee money orders in denominations up to $1,000.00 for every check you cash. After that, a small fee will apply. 

Gift Cards:

If you're looking to get someone a birthday present, or simply looking to purchase a cool looking card, we have the answer for you. We stock a variety of gift cards for you to spend at a number of retailers all across southern California! 

Western Union Money Transfer:

Do you want to quickly transfer money to your friends, family, or pay yourbills? We offer Western Union Money Transfer services to get them the money quickly, safely, and reliably! 

ATM Inside:

Do you need to withdraw cash from your bank account? We offer the convenience of an ATM combined with the shelter of our convenience store to shield you from prying eyes!