Helping you with unforeseen financial troubles!

In a perfect world, everyone would be blessed with perfect financial stability, and have all the money they could ever need. In reality, it isn't like that - problems arise, and sometimes you need more money than you have. To help with this, we offer Payday Advances!

How exactly does it work?

California law only currently allows a maximum payday advance of $300, including a maximum fee of 15%. We charge a lower fee of 13% of the check's face value. You write us a check for $300, and as soon as you are approved we will give you $261 in cash, immediately and without question. This amount is one of the highest in the area! We will then agree on a date, generally within the next 14 days, on which we will electronically debit your account to recover the money. You are also given the option of coming into our store and buying your check back.

What do I need to bring?

To help speed up the process, we ask that you bring us a few things when you come in for an advance:

  • Your two latest bank statements
  • Your two most recent pay stubs
  • Your two latest phone or utility bills
  • Your check
  • Your ID (driver's license)

There is NO setup charge, and we pay completely in cash!

Payday Advances

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